PSA Key Learnings for Ontario Family Physicians

Since the PSA announcement on March 28, 2022, there have been several changes that have affected family physicians and how they operate their practices.

In this webinar, we  share the latest updates and some key learnings we found through helping our physicians adjust to the changes and continue to help maximize their revenue potential.

  • Summary of the Recent PSA Updates 
  • The Differences Between Q888 vs A888 
  • New W3 Explanatory Code
  • New Virtual Care Funding Framework
  • Extension of Temporary COVID-19 Codes 
  • FHO Group Support and Transition Opportunities
  • Look to the Future

Additional Resources

We have included links below to resources shared during our webinar to help support primary care physicians in their ongoing practice, patient, and personal management.

PSA Resources

FHO Resources 

Q888 Code

Virtual Care 


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