Take your practice from good to great with DoctorCare's MSP billing services.

You do a great job running your practice but you could be missing opportunities to increase MSP billing revenues, run a more efficient practice, and improve patient care. Our solutions are built on proven best practices developed from the experience of working with over 2,000 physicians.

MSP Billing Management for the 21st Century

Free up staff time so they can focus on your patients’ care. Whether you work within an EMR or you are using a paper-based system, we work with your team to take time-consuming billing tasks off their plate.

Automated MSP Billing

Pain-free billing review, submissions, and management for BC physicians.

Error Reconciliation

We resolve outstanding billing errors by fixing and resubmitting errors, rejected, or held MSP billing claims in EMRs.

Reporting & Transparency

Gain insight into your MSP billing performance, understand how you get paid, and key drivers of revenue.

Proven Success. We help doctors succeed on key MSP billing metrics annually, average improvements include:

$ 0
Total Revenue
0 %
Missed Errors
$ 0
Chronic Care Incentives
0 %
Patient Compliance to Chronic Disease Guidelines
0 %
EMR & Workflow Efficiencies

Information, not just data.

We won’t give you lines of meaningless and confusing data. Our reports, take that data and turn it into insights and recommendations that can help you improve MSP billing optimization, panel development, complex care management, and preventive care support.

Solutions for Primary Care Physicians

Panel Management

We work with physicians to actively monitor panels, patient registries, and establish new processes for ongoing panel management.

Complex Care Planning and Management

Manage, track, and facilitate complex care planning and management for chronic and mental health conditions.

Chronic Disease Management Optimization

We help doctors identify diabetic, heart failure, hypertension, and COPD patients and report on their visit frequency. Uncover non-optimized chronic disease patients through DoctorCare report searches, which optimize billing and enhance patient care.

EMR Enhancements

We help doctors using PS, Accuro, OSCAR, and other EMRs, move towards meaningful use, with support for creating toolbars, alerts, and optimizations.

Proactive, engaged, expert help

When you have a question about your MSP billings, there will always be someone there to help. We schedule regular optimization sessions to review reports, identify missed and potential revenue opportunities, help you improve workflows in your practice, and better align with Ministry priorities to focus more on patient care.

Relieve the stress from billing complexity and improve your practice.

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Get started today with a no-risk, no-obligation trial.

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