OHIP Billing

Everything you need to optimize OHIP billing, maximize revenue, and drive efficiencies throughout your medical practice.

Practice Care helps doctors optimize the performance of their medical practice by providing actionable insights and automated billing, ensuring you don’t miss any revenue. See how our Practice Care reports take the need to understand complex patient enrolment and funding models off your plate so you can maximize your revenue potential every month.

Outside Use

Every time your patient goes to visit a walk-in clinic, that is money out of your pocket.

Our Practice Care reports give you detailed insights on how to better manage your outside use. In fact, we have helped doctors receive up to 95% of their access bonus. Our reports show you which patients are incurring high outside use and when they should be derostered.


Recover upwards of $35,000 of revenue potential.

Many doctors miss out on a lot of revenue opportunities when it comes to out of basket billing. Practice Care reports give you detailed insights on how to better manage your out of basket codes. We show you the most common codes, and what you have billed versus best practice industry standards.

Special Premiums and Bonuses

Maximize your bonus potential.

Our Practice Care Report helps you keep track of your fiscal year premiums and bonuses. We provide a snapshot including your maximum revenue opportunity, what you have earned year to date, and previous fiscal year earnings as well as your target for the next year.

Roster Management

Maximize your monthly salaried payments.

Reconciling your roster is important to help you more effectively manage preventive care season, after hours care, as well as bill certain codes only available for rostered patients. Our Practice Care Reports help you stay on top of your roster. We commonly help physicians roster upwards of 100 patients you are already seeing, adding $20,000 to your medical practice without increasing your workload.

Rejected Billings and Errors

Automatically fix billing errors and recover lost revenue.

We provide the outstanding errors each month and the most common error codes, providing specific patient information and reasons for rejections or errors. We can help fix most errors on your behalf, and the paid bills will show up in your next Remittance Advice.

RA Dashboard

Easy to read snapshot of your Remittance Advice.

The RA summary from the Ministry can be confusing and time consuming to go through. Our Practice Care reports provide you with an easy-to-read snapshot of your RA summary so you know exactly where your revenue is coming from.

Relieve the stress from billing complexity and improve your practice.

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