The prescription for your billing submission headaches.

DoctorCare’s Billing Care service alleviates the pain of billing submissions and managing and correcting billing errors when you are using an EMR.  We work with all EMRs to deliver a streamlined and cost-effective solution.  We also offer best-in-class financial reporting and transparency to make sure that you’re always optimizing your revenue.

Free up staff time for the things that matter.

If your staff is spending time trying to decipher billing codes, fixing billing errors, and keeping up with changes in fee codes, that means less time spent improving the patient experience and your practice management. We work with your team to take time-consuming billing management off their plate.

Billing audit and smart alerts.

Together with your team, we do a complete audit of your billings to identify challenge areas and opportunities for improving your processes. This billing audit will ensure we catch you up from day one.

Automated billing submissions and error correction - right in your EMR.

With BillingCare, DoctorCare reviews and submits your billing claims. We will also fix and resubmit any claims errors. We integrate with most EMRs including OSCAR.

Proactive support from real people.

Our billing experts conduct regular practice reviews and there is always someone on the other end of the phone to answer your questions.

Questions about how DoctorCare works and the solution that’s right for you? Check out our FAQ page.

Getting started is easy.

You can get started with Billing Care in as little as a couple of days. Contact us about our risk-free, no-obligation trial, and cure those billing headaches.

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