Webinar: FHO Optimization & Outside Use Management Strategies

Need help optimizing your FHO practice and managing Outside Use?

Ontario physicians are not generally strategic on how they’re paid due to the widespread lack of clarity around OHIP funding models. Physicians are not looking at which codes to best bill in given situations. In addition, Outside Use continues to be an issue that doctors are struggling to manage. We’re here to help and provide the guidance to make sure you are billing the right codes for the care you are providing. In this video, we will guide you through the FHO income streams in order to give you an increased understanding of income and flexibility. We will help you understand where your practice income comes from and we hope to leave you with a much clearer picture of what the FHO is all about.

Manage your Outside Use and optimize your practice revenue today! Discover the many ways to optimize your revenue in the FHO model, and best practices in managing Outside Use within your practice to maximize the bonus potential available to you.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:

  • Ways to increase income in the FHO funding model.
  • Protect your practice against any MOHLTC changes that may reduce your pay.
  • How to decrease your Outside Use and effective methods for billing Out of Basket codes.
  • Strategies and tactics to optimize the many premiums and bonuses available.
  • How the Access Bonus program works.

Who Should Watch the Webinar?

This informative webinar is designed for primary care physicians operating in a FHO model that would like to better understand the model they work within, and Ontario’s funding models as they relate to Access Bonus and Outside Use. Physicians will learn how to increase their revenue and income predictability without disrupting their practice.


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