A Guide to Roster Management and Patient Recalls

Did you know that on average, you could be losing upwards of $25,000 of revenue per year by not implementing best practices for patient recalls or roster management?

Many physicians face challenges in efficiently managing their rosters, resulting in missed opportunities to optimize their annual revenue. Moreover, numerous practices experience difficulties in proactively handling patient recalls, impacting the continuity and quality of patient care provided.

In this webinar Doctorcare shares how to effectively manage your roster and patient recalls in order to enhance your patient care while maximizing your revenue potential.

  • Roster management best practices
  • Ministry requirements and optimal roster size
  • Billing codes only available to rostered patients
  • Financial impact of roster reconciliation
  • Effective patient recalls strategy
  • Diabetes management best practices
  • Outside use management best practices

Additional Resources

We have included links below to resources shared during our webinar to help you effectively manage your roster and patient recalls:

Webinar: FHO Optimization and Outside Use Management Strategies
Quick Reference Guide: Outside Use
Quick Reference Guide: Diabetes Management


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