Billing Simplified.

Practice Care brings billing management and practice optimization into the 21st century.

We are taking our flagship product to the next generation. Practice Care is our proprietary tech platform providing deep insights and taking the complexity out of capitated and FFS models, and bonuses to ensure you are maximizing your revenue potential every month.

Whatever your medical billing needs, we have you covered.

We combine the work of a traditional medical billing company with modern technology like machine learning using algorithms all designed to reduce errors, increase transparency, optimize your income, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Never worry about your billings again.

Any time spent wondering about which codes are the best to bill, understanding why claims are rejected, and keeping up with changes in fee codes means less time for doctors to spend on their patients. Practice Care helps primary care physicians optimize the performance of their practice by providing actionable insights and automated medical billing, ensuring they don’t miss out on revenue. 

Billing and getting paid should not be this complicated.

Fee codes, bonuses, incentives, patient rosters/panels … the administrative burden for family doctors to effectively run their practices is becoming increasingly complicated. The Practice Care platform covers everything you need to maximize revenue and drive efficiencies throughout your practice.
We are doctors first, clinical experts more than financial experts, and I highly encourage other groups to bring someone in to manage this. It seems foolish to be using doctor time that could be spent on patient care to do this level of work.

Dr. Arielle Chiefetz, Family Physician

Analytics and insights.

With our robust analytics and insights capabilities, Practice Care provides both data and actionable strategies to capitalize on missed billing and revenue opportunities:

Billing optimization:

Identify the highest value and most appropriate billing codes for every situation.

Roster/Panel management:

Keep track of who your active patients are, who is due for high-value visits, and the best way to organize your day sheet.

Bonus optimization:

Never miss a bonus opportunity. We will keep track of upcoming bonuses and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Billing management and submissions.

Data and strategies are nice but we know that doctors don’t always have time to action recommendations or review the accuracy of the work of their staff. We can take care of that for you:

Automated billing:

The Practice Care platform will automatically prepare your billing submissions including missed codes and other billing opportunities. You just click approve and it will automatically be submitted on your behalf.

Built-in process controls:

DoctorCare will customize the submission approval process to match your business requirements. No billings are submitted without your review and approval.

Transparency and accuracy:

We regularly review and report billing submissions to ensure ongoing transparency and accuracy.

Advanced financial reporting and benchmarking.

How is your practice performing? What patient services are you spending the most time on? Are there areas for improvement? Practice Care’s advanced financial reporting and benchmarking enables you to make informed decisions on improving your practice.

Our Payment Dashboard presents trends in your income, and what makes up your regular payments from the government.

Identify areas for improvement and opportunities to bring best practices into your business.

Expert advice, support, and guidance for maximizing practice potential, including audit protection.

Doctor Care has worked with over 2,000 doctors across a variety of practice types. Our billing and primary care experts conduct regular practice reviews and there is always someone on the other end of the phone to answer your questions.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

I often felt on my own in figuring out how to manage. DoctorCare’s level of service, basically holding my hand, and going through our reports, piece by piece, has given me the sense of not being on my own and having a partner

Dr. Saadia Khan, Family Physician

Getting started is easy.

Whether you are a small group or large practice, you can get started with Practice Care in as little as a couple of days. We work with any billing scheduling software, EMR, as well as paper-based billing processes. Contact us about our risk-free, no-obligation trial and find those missed revenue opportunities.

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