Uninsured medical services

Take control of your uninsured medical services.

Let’s face it, many physicians are not the best at handling payment for uninsured medical services, have never billed for uninsured services, or try to manage the process on their own. This results in spending a significant amount of time educating patients and inconsistent billing processes.

Through our Doctors Services Group division, we offer a customizable platform that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual practice, through the implementation of specific fees and annual plans. Developed with both the physician and patient in mind, our program is simple, convenient, and informative – improving patient communications, saving time, and optimizing billings.

Patient Education and Communications

The primary component of a successful uninsured medical services program is the implementation and management of the annual or block fee and with that it is critical to inform and educate all patients to fully comprehend uninsured services. We provide:

Comprehensive, customized materials educate patients on what uninsured medical services are and how they are managed for use in the office.

High touch, personal contact with your patient to answer all their questions and alleviate any concerns.

Clear, customizable fee guides explaining cost for services not covered under provincial health insurance.

Personalized patient communications with clear contact and payment details, sent by regular mail or email.

Single anniversary mailing and anniversary date for annual fee program patients.

Full-Service, Transparent Uninsured Medical Services Program Administration

Don’t worry about taking on more administrative hassle. We take care of patient invoicing and payments for uninsured medical services for both annual fee and individual “pay-as-you-go” services. We do all the heavy lifting from invoicing to payments to managing receivables while providing you and your staff real-time visibility for the success of your program including:

Follow up reminders to patients who have not responded to their annual fee

Weekly invoicing for individual uninsured services and collection of overdue fees

Automatically issue receipts to patients after a payment is received.

Weekly and monthly reporting on annual fee patients and payment status

Access to real-time program information online including patient status, payment status, and all program reports

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