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Taking your practice from good to great with DoctorCare.

For almost 10 years, DoctorCare has been supporting the practice and billing management needs of physicians. We help physicians maximize revenue, streamline their practices, and spend more time doing the things that matter: patient care.

OHIP Billing

With complex and rapidly changing Ministry of Health billing codes and rules, it can be easy for doctors to miss opportunities to maximize revenue. We can fix that. DoctorCare has uncovered thousands of dollars in missed annual OHIP billings for physicians in a variety of practice types. We take the complexity out of billing management helping you recover lost revenue quickly and efficiently.
OHIP Billing
MSP Billing

MSP Billing

How can you take your practice from good to great? Identifying errors, and opportunities to improve revenue from incentives, and workflow efficiencies present challenges unique to physicians in British Columbia. DoctorCare helps doctors optimize their billings and we have found thousands of dollars of unbilled opportunities for every doctor we have worked with. We can help you too.

AHCIP Billing

Whether you need insights into your billing performance, navigating the fee-for-service model, maximizing billing opportunities, or support to transition to a different ARP model, DoctorCare understands the challenge Alberta doctors face can help navigate AHCIP billing requirements.

Alberta medical billing
Medical billing services

Other provinces

DoctorCare delivers a full suite of solutions to doctors in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and other provinces across Canada to help manage billing submissions and errors directly in your EMR.

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