Pathways for Patients with Mental Health Concerns

Thirty percent of patient visits to their family doctor involves a mental health concern. As a physician, you have many options for how to help these patients and connect them with the right resources or healthcare professionals. The best pathway for each patient depends on a number of factors including the nature of their challenge, urgency of care, case complexity, and patient’s ability to pay. 

In this webinar, Maral Sanassian, Senior Director of Physician Group Initiatives at DoctorCare along with Saretta Herman, MSW, RSW, and Strategy Lead at our partner company Layla, help prepare you to make more efficient, personalized decisions for your patients’ mental health. Learn about: 

  • The different types of mental health services and referral channels;
  • The factors and logistics to consider when making a mental health referral;
  • How to evaluate and choose the best option for each patient;
  • Case studies to illustrate how to use this framework in diverse scenarios. 

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