DoctorCare Spotlight: Dr. Saadia Khan

Dr. Saadia Khan has been in a group practice in Mississauga, Ontario for 25 years, providing care to anywhere from 2,000 to 2,500 patients.  In 2013, the group decided to move from a FHG model to a FHO model. Dr. Khan has been leading her FHO group which includes 16 family doctors spread across multiple locations in Mississauga. In her own clinic, she has a number of specialists, nurses, lab technicians, and front desk staff.

We sat down with Dr. Khan to talk about her practice, the medical billing challenges the group faced with management, and the ways DoctorCare has helped the group.

DoctorCare: What are some of the big medical billing challenges you face as the lead for your FHO?

Dr. Khan: Ontario’s billing model is very complex. Understanding the codes, bonuses, and keeping track of Outside Use is a very onerous task. This is why, as a group, we looked to outside expertise to help with both our transition to the FHO model as well as manage billings for the group on an ongoing basis. For a time it worked well for us but we started to experience some frustration, especially in the management of our Outside Use. 

DoctorCare: What were some of the difficulties around Outside Use?

Dr. Khan: There was a point where the majority of our group were having issues with managing outside use. After repeated attempts at de-rostering and educating patients weren’t really successful, we realized we needed to make a change.

DoctorCare: What were some of the things you were looking for in a new provider?

Dr. Khan: First and foremost, we needed a provider who was going to not just be responsive to our questions but also proactive with our group members. It was also very important that we had confidence in the accuracy of the billing reports and had complete transparency.

DoctorCare: Why did you choose DoctorCare?

Dr. Khan: We had known about DoctorCare through various events and conferences as well as through colleagues who were their customers. One of the first things that impressed us was the customized reports and how specific and detailed they were, particularly around specific patients to de-roster. We were very happy with DoctorCare’s proactive approach to not only meeting with the group but also scheduling regular individual meetings to review the reports and specific actions that can be taken to make improvements. They were also cost-effective.

DoctorCare: What are some of the improvements you have seen switching to DoctorCare?

Dr. Khan: Well firstly, the DoctorCare team is very approachable and knowledgeable. Within the first six months of coming on board, our group was positive and we were able to access our bonus for the first time. They have also helped us with preventative care bonuses as well as others related to prenatal care, house calls, etc.  We are receiving a much clearer direction in terms of which codes we need to target and where we are in achieving bonuses. Even as new doctors have joined the group, we are continuing on a trend to the positive.

“The DoctorCare team is very approachable and knowledgeable. Within the first six months of coming on board, our group was positive and we were able to access our bonus for the first time.”

DoctorCare: How has DoctorCare helped you in your role as the group lead?

Dr. Khan:  Despite my best intentions to sit down and understand the codes and bonuses in detail, I just don’t have the time to invest in building that knowledge and actually see the results all while trying to provide care to my patients. I often felt on my own in figuring out how to manage. DoctorCare’s level of service, basically holding my hand, and going through our reports, piece by piece, has given me the sense of not being on my own and having a partner. Since we brought DoctorCare, a lot of the weight of that responsibility has come off my shoulders.

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