Physician Services Agreement Resources

On March 28, 2022, the Ontario Ministry of Health introduced several changes in the OHIP billing system outlined in the Physician Services Agreement (PSA).  These changes aim to streamline and optimize medical billing procedures ensuring more efficient compensation and reducing administrative burdens for physicians. 

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Physician Services Agreement 2022 Ontario

Physician Services Agreement Summary

Here is a summary of the Physician Services Agreement, highlighting the latest changes affecting family physicians including topics such as FHO managed entry, compensation, after hours requirements, virtual care, preventive care bonus, medical billing & submissions, and more.

The document includes a timeline on when changes will come into effect.

Stay up to date with the latest PSA changes.

Here is a comprehensive list of resources on the Physicians Services Agreement.

These resources encompass up-to-date guidelines, instructional materials, and FAQs to aid physicians in understanding the revised medical billing procedures, navigating any complexities, and ultimately ensuring seamless compliance with the latest OHIP billing regulations. By leveraging these resources, physicians can continue to focus on delivering exceptional patient care while optimizing their billing practices.

Why join a FHO

Increase income predictability

On average, 80% of FHO income is guaranteed regardless of patient visits.

Increase your revenue

FHOs have more revenue opportunities with additional special premiums/bonuses.

Improve patient access

Get shared on-call coverage for after-hours and vacation time.

Improve patient care

Focus on patient care rather than patient volume

Getting started with a FHO

Embarking on the journey of joining a Family Health Organization (FHO) in Ontario can be an exciting step for healthcare practitioners looking to enhance patient care and practice stability.

To get started on this path, we share a list of valuable resources that offer guidance and support.

Ontario Doctors Case Study

Don’t just take our word for it.

Read how we helped two Ontario doctors starting on their career paths as family physicians. We helped them navigate it, master the details – and set up successful practices

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