Medical Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

DoctorCare is the full-service medical billing partner for Canadian physicians. Our advanced technology platform ensures billings are always optimized and delivers the transparency doctors need to feel confident they are getting value for service.

Whether you are a family physician, specialist, work in a big practice, or a small clinic, are using an EMR or not, our medical billing management and practice optimization solutions can help. Our solutions are not suited for physicians who earn 100% of their income on salary. Learn more about our services here.

Your EMR is great for managing clinical notes, scheduling, and getting bills submitted to the Ministry. However, your EMR’s capabilities are limited when it comes to making sure you are using the right codes at the right time, you aren’t missing any codes, you are meeting deadlines, errors are being corrected, and ensuring everything gets paid correctly. DoctorCare compliments your EMR to ensure you are never missing out on revenue and you have visibility into how you are getting paid.

We work with many doctors and practices who had been doing a pretty good job with their medical billings. Every time we have found missed opportunities to generate revenue. We do a complimentary billing analysis to show you where you may be missing opportunities including how to fix your billing errors. Give us a try. Give us a try.

Any time spent wondering about which codes should be billed, understanding why claims are rejected, and keeping up with changes in fee codes means less time your staff is spending on your patients and managing an efficient office. We ensure no stone goes unturned, maximize your revenue, and free up staff time so they can focus on the things they do best.

Many medical billing agents use inefficient and outdated processes which result in missed revenue and a lack of visibility into how doctors are getting paid. DoctorCare delivers fully transparent and detailed financial reporting, analytics, insights, and simple recommendations that ensure doctors finally have peace of mind in understanding exactly how they’re paid and are optimizing their revenue on a monthly basis. Let us show you.

No! We work with all EMRs including OSCAR, Accuro, Telus, and more.

No problem! We can submit medical billings on your behalf and you will get a full report detailing your billing submissions and payments.

Practice Care is our flagship product for family doctors. Practice Care helps primary care physicians optimize the performance of their practice by providing actionable insights and automated billing, ensuring they don’t miss out on revenue. Download more information about Practice Care here.

Our Billing Care Plus service was designed to help specialists by taking manual billing submissions through their EMR off their plate and ensure they are minimizing errors and maximizing revenue. We take written day sheets, check for errors and missed billing codes, and log them electronically right in your EMR. Download more about Billing Care Plus here.

We do all the heavy lifting to make getting started simple and quick. We can be set up in as little as 15 minutes and ready to show you results in a couple of days.
This really depends on how involved you want to be! Some of our doctors delegate 100% to us and some like to be more actively involved. On average, most of our clients spent 30-45 minutes a month with us to review reports and approve any suggestions or changes.
Transparency is one of the most important parts of our service. Every month you will get a detailed report with each transaction and the action we took.

We take privacy very seriously and have strict compliance with all privacy regulations. You can read our privacy policy in detail here.

Of course! We have thousands of customers and are happy to connect you to talk about what it’s really like to work with us. Contact us

Our products are priced as a flexible, cost-effective monthly subscription with a minimum one-year agreement. We work with you to pick the best solution based on your needs and our fee structure won’t break the bank.
You sure can. One of our experts can answer your questions and guide you on writing off our services as a business expense.
When you work with DoctorCare, there is always someone on the other end of the phone, or email to answer your questions. We also schedule regular meetings to proactively review your billings and help you improve your business.