Rejected Medical Billings & Reconciliation Webinar

Struggling with reconciliation of your rejected medical billings?

Are errors piling up month-to-month with no time to fix them?

This is understandable as you and your staff are busy with what matters most – taking care of patients.

If MOH Error Reports are piling up at your practice with billing errors going unaddressed regularly, then you are leaving money on the table every month – anywhere from $200 to $1,000! As there is a time limit on fixing errors, the longer you wait, the more revenue you leave behind.

You don’t have to lose money just because you’re busy. This short webinar shows you how to make managing rejected billings and reconciliation easier. You will learn how to use Ministry error report data more efficiently to address errors – and stop leaving revenue behind. We will show you how to read your MOH error report and contrast that to our Practice Care rejected billings report. Additionally, you will get a step-by-step guide on fixing 3 common billing errors.

Ready to make your life easier? Watch this complimentary, high-value webinar to improve your practice – and your bottom line.


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