A Guide to Manitoba Health Tariffs for Virtual Care and COVID-19

Manitoba Health has made many updates and changes to tariffs to address challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year. In this post, we’ll share the most recent updates on tariffs relating to virtual care and COVID-19. We’ll also share some tips on how to best bill tariffs  to ensure you are getting paid for the care you are providing.

We have broken the post out into three sections:

  1. ICD-9 Codes for COVID-19
  2. Virtual Visit Tariffs
  3. COVID-19 Vaccine Tariff

1.   ICD-9 Codes for COVID-19

On March 30, 2020, the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living announced three ICD-9 codes for physicians to use for medical claims to help with monitoring medical conditions related to COVID-19.

ICD-9 CodeDescriptor
V0182Exposure to COVID-19
07982COVID-19 Assoc Coronavirus
4803Pneumonia due to COVID-19

2.   Virtual Visit Tariffs

Eleven new temporary virtual visit tariffs have been announced for physicians in place of in-clinic services. The duration of these tariffs will be determined by Manitoba Health.

8284Virtual visit by telephone or video – patient aged 65-69 years$40.10
8285Virtual Visit by telephone or video – patient aged 70 years or over$44.30
8321Virtual Visit by telephone or videoPaid equivalent to bloc’s regional history or exam
8442Comprehensive virtual assessment by general practitionerRate equivalent to 8540, 8424, 8500
8447Comprehensive virtual assessment by a specialistPaid equal to tariff 8540, 8503, 8504, 8543, or 8544 for the physician’s bloc of practice.
8521Virtual consultation telephone or video, involving child or geriatric patients, by a psychiatristPaid equal to the consultation tariffs (8622, 8554)
8527Chronic care virtual visit by telephone or video$33.45
8533Virtual psychotherapy by telephone or video$49.40
8535Virtual consultation by telephone or videoPaid equivalent to blocs’ 8550, 8553, 8556, 8516, 8617, 8557
8655Virtual psychotherapy by telephone or video$40
8786Virtual psychiatric care by telephone or video$62.40

Basic requirements:

  • Services must be provided personally by the physician. No claim may be made for a virtual visit in which only a physician proxy participates, such as a nurse or clerk.
  • After Hours Premiums may not be claimed in addition, except for urgent or emergent communications.
  • Start and Stop times must be documented in the patient’s chart and included on the claim.
  • Rural/Northern/Brandon Fee differentials apply.

Special Circumstance Indicators

In addition to the virtual visit tariffs, physicians must also fill in one of the four following values in the special circumstance indicators field for the medical services provided via virtual care.

Valid ValueDescription
UVirtual Chronic Pain Management Services billing benefit 78321 in place of 78570 only
VVirtual Chronic Pain Management Services billing benefit 78321 in place of 78571 OR Child Development Assessment Services billing benefit 78321 in place of 78404, 78552, 78555, 78558
WVirtual Geriatric Consultation billing benefit 78535 in place of 78617 only
XVirtual Anesthetic Consultation billing benefit 78535 in place of 78516 only

Note: Virtual visit tariff 78321 for Virtual Child Development Assessment Services and Virtual Chronic Pain Management Services billed with special circumstance indicator U or V will require the actual start time, and a calculated stop time.

We have created a Quick Reference Guide of all the virtual visit tariff codes. You can download it here.

3.   COVID-19 Vaccine Tariff

In support of the vaccine roll out, the Minister of Health has announced a temporary tariff for the administration of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. This tariff must be submitted to MHSAL within two business days of service delivery.

8256Astra-Zeneca Per Dose$20

The tariff covers:

  • Injection of the vaccine,
  • Verifying each patient meets provincial eligibility criteria,
  • Obtaining patient consent, and
  • Additional administrative requirements, such as submitting claims within 48 hours and weekly detailed reporting.


  • Physicians must report the eligibility criteria for immunization on the claim in accordance with Public Health guidelines.
  • Physicians must report vaccine inventory to Public Health on a weekly basis and/or as directed by Public Health. The system for inventory reporting will be determined by Public Health and communicated to physicians.
  • Physicians are required to schedule a second dose appointment with patients following administration of the first dose. Physicians are required to reasonably follow-up with patients to ensure the second dose is administered within recommended guidelines.
  • Physicians shall provide equitable access for vaccinations for all eligible Manitobans regardless of whether the patient is in the physician’s existing panel of patients.
  • After Hours Premiums may not be claimed in addition.

Special Circumstance Indicators

Physicians are required to provide an immunization reason on all claims for the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. The special circumstances indicator field should be populated using one of the reasons listed below when submitting a claim:

1 = Personal Care Home Resident
2 = Health Care Worker
3 = Community with disproportionate disease impact
4 = Congregate living, other
5 = Routine (age-based indication)
6 = Essential Worker
7 = Pre-existing Condition

We have created a Quick Reference Guide on billing for the COVID-19 vaccine. You can download it here.

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