Understand how to read your RA Summary Webinar

Demystifying the RA summary for your FHO or FHG practice

One of the most common things we hear from doctors is that they have no idea how to read the elusive RA.  The RA summary is essentially a pay stub for doctors and it’s important to understand because it provides insights into your medical billing and help you make decisions that maximize revenue. 

In the following webinars, we provide you a high level understanding on the RA summary that you receive from the Ministry and highlight some areas of it that will help drive some improvement in your FHO and FHG practices that you can apply. We have created two versions: one for FHOs and the other for FHGs. 

Watch our webinars to learn more about:

  • Billing by category and in-basket/out-of-basket for enrolled and non-enrolled patients (FHO-only)
  • Individual Payment Summary Report (FHG-only)
  • Comprehensive care capitation payment
  • Base rate payment (FHO-only)
  • Access bonus and Outside Use (FHO-only)
  • Group management and leadership payment (FHO-only)
  • Preventative care bonus
  • Individual special premiums and bonuses
FHO Practice Webinar

FHG Practice Webinar

At the end of the FHG webinar, we also spend some time talking about FHO opportunities, specifically the transition to a capitation model like the FHO.  As of March 28, 2022, the Ontario Medical Association and the Ministry of Health announced that members have decisively ratified the new three-year Physician Services Agreement. The managed entry process into the FHO model will increase by 40 new spots each month with half of these spots open to all family doctors. 

If you are interested in switching to a FHO model, we can help!

We manage and work with over 100 FHO groups across Ontario and often have the opportunity to either replace physicians who are retiring or add physicians to group. We can help you determine if switching to a FHO is right for you. For more information, please visit our landing page here or email us at info@doctorcare.ca.


Looking for more webinars to help build your understanding of billing and optimize your practice? Visit our blog for our webinars. 

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