Practice Billing Series for Dummies – WEBINAR SESSION #1: How to read your MOH RA Summary vs. new Executive RA Dashboard

Tired of wading through your MOH RA Summary month after month to find the financial info you need? Not sure what to look for or how to interpret it?

There’s a better way: the NEW Executive RA Dashboard from the Practice Care Program. Watch this first webinar in our “Practice Billing Series for Dummies” – it’s a crash course in using this easy-to-use tool to get the information you need to better manage your practice.

Less time, better insights. Maral Sanassian, Senior Regional Director of Healthcare Consulting at DoctorCare, will show you how the Dashboard saves time, effort – and gives you easy access to insights that can improve your practice, optimize your billing to boost revenue and let you focus on what really matters: better patient care.

Practice Billing Series for Dummies

WEBINAR SESSION#1: How to read your MOH RA Summary vs. new Practice Care Executive RA Dashboard

Watch the webinar and learn how you can get a simpler view into the same data you’re used to receiving from the MOH, all in a clear, visual format that gives you actionable insights to apply to your practice right away. Maral will show you how these key elements compare in both reports:

  • Total Income
  • Capitation
  • Roster Management
  • Out of Basket Analysis
  • FHO High Needs Use Summary
  • FHO Outside Use Summary
  • Special Premiums & Bonuses
  • Preventive Care

Ready to make your life easier? Watch this complimentary, high-value webinar to improve your practice – and your bottom line.


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