New FIT kit replaces FOBT – Same Code (Q150A)

As of June 24, 2019, the fecal immunochemial test (FIT) is the recommended screen test in Ontario for people at average risk. ColonCancerCheck no longer recommends screening with the guaiac fecal occult blood (gFOBT).

Although there is high-quality scientific evidence to support screening with gFOBT, FIT offers several advantages over gFOBT:

  • FIT is a more sensitive screen test, which means it is better at detecting colorectal cancer and pre-cancerous polyps;
  • There are no medication or dietary restrictions (including anticoagulants and vitamin C);
  • FIT is simple to use and helps reduce contact with stool; and
  • Only one stool sample is needed

For guidance on the decommissioning of gFOBT, please see the gFOBT decommissioning FAQs in the list of resources in the link provided below.

Preparing your practice for FIT
Add the new FIT requisition to your inventory of forms for requesting tests. If your electronic medical record (EMR) lets you import or create custom electronic forms, add the new FIT requisition to your list of available forms for requesting tests. You can also ask your EMR vendor about creating the form within your EMR, many vendors have already created this form so please contact them to have it installed.

Billing the encounter
The same process remains as an FOBT encounter with code Q150A still being used. However, instead of providing your patients with a kit and instructions, you are just completing the requisition form and faxing it to LifeLabs 1-833-676-1427. The patient will receive this guide along with the kit.

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