New FHO Group Management Update: Practice support & advisory for your entire group

Over the past several months, DoctorCare has been taking our best-in-class physician reporting capabilities and focused those skills at the FHO Group level.  This is resulting in a very rich set of reports that will soon be available to FHO Group leads and their FHO group members.

This investment has been inspired by a recent spike in FHO Group Leads and their members contacting us about supporting their entire group.  Groups are looking to improve their Access Bonus, patient satisfaction, staff knowledge, and generally improve the overall financial performance of the group and group members.

Groups have been taking us up our complimentary group consultation, and we are helping them identify and analyze key areas where performance could be improved substantially. As a result, groups are quickly becoming DoctorCare clients and they are now well on their way to improving their billings, enhancing their knowledge, and balancing work and income more evenly.
We can help your group do the same.
Start optimizing now with a FHO group consultation!

High-value services to improve the efficiency of your group
We’ve worked with 50+ FHO groups over the years, and developed expertise on enhancing both individual and FHO group practice performance. Here are a few ways we will optimize your practice:

  • Outside use: There’s no reason your group should be negative – clear reports help you identify high offenders and deroster them.
  • Administrative: Direct deposits to physicians within 2 days from the group account for locum payments, OMD funding, access bonus payments, etc.
  • Enhanced reporting: Transparency for every doctor around outside use, FFS and your intraFHO adjustment.
  • IntraFHO adjustment: Regular reporting ensures fairness in the number of visits FHO patients have with individual doctors in the group.
  • Staff training: 20 modules train all staff on FHO best practices and ensure they have the resources they need when they need them.
  • Support for lead doctors: When done right, this is a thankless job involving lots of coordination, time and worry. Ensure you’re on the best track with your FHO; DoctorCare services take care of most of the work.

Access to Practice Care: All doctors in the group have access to all the modules in Practice Care, our new primary care practice management program.

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