MOH Priority to Improve Primary Care Access

FHOCare helps doctors optimize workflows to address MOH mandate

The MOH’s mandate on improving access to primary care in Ontario is a new directive from the premier to the Minister, which is a follow-up to the auditor general’s report on primary care. The draft directive was issued in January 2017 and is accessible through the OMA website, under your login. This update puts new emphasis on patient access and ensuring that physicians are doing what they can to increase hours, after hours, communication with colleagues, etc. We at DoctorCare feel strongly that there is opportunity in the primary care sector for improvement in this area.

DoctorCare can help doctors with addressing this mandate by improving patient care workflows through our FHOCare solution, letting doctors focus on medicine and patient care while we assist with administration, technology/EMR and workflow improvements.

These workflows were derived from extensive collaboration with the FHOs that we work with to uncover their pain points and provide solutions to optimize their workflow, resulting in better patient care. Our expert team of practice consultants can assist doctors in implementing efficient workflow measures. Our best practice methods can enhance EMR systems, including the installation of add-ons, to optimize workflow and to ensure the right patients are cared for at the right time.

At DoctorCare, we have helped the 600+ physicians enrolled in our FHOCare service with improving outside use and overall access, including managing after hours scheduling, managing telephone lines, helping write letters to patients, providing effective posters for waiting rooms, and various other communication strategies to help educate patients. We are dedicated to helping Canadian physicians enhance their practices and increase the overall level of care they provide to their patients. We live by the motto: Patients count on doctors. Doctors can count on us.

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