MOH Preventive Care Reports: You Should Receive Your Package Shortly

Reminder on next steps

3. December MC EDT Billing Deadline is EarlierEligible Patient Enrolment Model (PEM) physicians who are receiving Cumulative Preventive Care Bonuses for maintaining specified levels of preventive care to their enrolled patients – you should receive your “Preventive Care Target Population Report ” from the MOH in the mail between April and July.

Once you receive your package: Ensure you take time to review and assess your eligible bonus levels, then submit the corresponding attainment level codes.

For our PREVcare clients: Remember to send us this report as soon as you receive it. At this point you should have received a pre-paid envelope from DoctorCare to send back your report. Once we receive your information, we will assess eligible bonus levels and submit them on your behalf.

For our FHG, FHN, FHOCare and ChronicCare clients: Ensure you review your list. If you get stuck, we are here to help you understand your preventive care report. We can walk you through any questions you may have to better interpret the information. Call our special Billing Hotline at 1-844-224-6244 or email

Contact us if you are interested in having DoctorCare maximize your Preventive Care Bonus.

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