How to Optimize Billings and Maximize Revenue

Do you know if your billings are optimized to their full potential? 

The COVID-19 pandemic created all kinds of changes and confusion when it comes to billing for services. While in-office appointments will increase, virtual care will continue to be a key part of doctors’ practice. Now is a great opportunity for doctors and their billing coordinators to revisit their billings and adopt new methods and efficiencies in managing their billings. 

In partnership with the MGMAC, we have hosted a Canada-wide webinar to share ways to optimize billing to make sure physicians are getting paid for the care they are providing. 

View the webinar here >

Watch the webinar to learn more about: 

  • How to stay updated on the billing code updates. 
  • Identifying the most common errors and rejections and how to reduce them.  
  • Improving your billing management and workflow to obtain an efficient practice. 
  • Our top billing tips and tricks relating to your premiums and most common codes.  

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