FHO Group Billing Help

Optimize your revenues with quarterly reviews

FHO Group Billing Help

FHO billing is complex. That’s why we meet with FHO groups and doctors in person every quarter for a regular optimization session. DoctorCare will take your group through your FHOCare reports to identify missed or potential revenue opportunities, improve workflows and better align with MOH priorities to focus on patient care.

The FHOCare service gives FHO groups access to our doctors’ billing hotline, a SAR cancer screening report and EMR enhancements to help FHO groups with EMRs move towards meaningful use. With our support, group physicians can:

  • Set up timely patient recalls
    (diabetes, CHF)
  • Generate accurate patient lists
    (diabetes, CHF, schizophrenia, bipolar, smokers, etc.)
  • Get necessary information from toolbars
    (preventative, diabetes, smokers, well baby check, CHF)
  • Send reminders
    (preventative, diabetes, smokers, well baby check, CHF)
  • Appropriately document visits and complete forms
    (diabetes, CHF, smoking cessation, antenatal, MOH form)

FHO groups get all these services plus practice support and advisory including:

  • Monthly FFS summary reports
  • Monthly access bonus non-LTC payment summary reports
  • Preventative care cancer screening reminders
  • Banking reconciliation and cheques
  • Governance reviews

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