Billing code refresher: palliative care

Providing important palliative care is good for your patients and can lead to a $5,000 bonus

The major palliative care codes that we see at DoctorCare being billed often by primary care physicians include:

  • Billing code refresher palliative careK023 (Palliative Care Support)
    This counselling K code is recommended to bill for a service in the office or at home. But remember, if at home, there are rules and additional codes you need to bill (based on time and day).
  • G511 (Telephone Management of Palliative Care)
    This is the telephone support G code you can bill if you provide palliative care support over the phone to the patient or family.
  • G512 (Palliative Care Case Management Fee)
    This is a weekly case management G code you can bill if you have telephone calls and provide this additional service to the patient or family.
  • B966 (Palliative Home Visit – Travel Premium)
  • B997/B998 (Palliative Home Visit – First person seen)

Home visits
Note, for home visits, you likely will be billing three codes for that one home visit (K023/A900/A901 + B966 + B997/B998).

Additional related codes
Other codes that you may bill for providing services relevant to palliative care include the following home care codes:

  • K070 for home care application
  • K071 for acute home care supervision (first 8 weeks)
  • K072 for chronic home care supervision (after 8th week)
  • K015 for counselling of relatives

Special premium bonus
There is also a special premium bonus for providing palliative care services. In the fiscal year, if you bill K023, C882, A945, C945, W882, W872, B997 and B998 on any patient (rostered or non rostered), it will count for the palliative care special premium bonus.

The OMA has an excellent resource on palliative that contains even more codes for case conferences, special consultations, etc.

Download the OMA Palliative Care Billing Guide >

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