Get the Most Out of Your Preventive Care Bonus Potential

Learn about each preventive care category – and more importantly, how to track and bill properly to maximize your practice’s revenue and reach target goals.

A major component of today’s family medicine landscape is the provision of preventive care in Ontario. Most physicians practicing in the FHO, FHG, and FHN models are completing the necessary steps to fulfill the MOH requirements for preventive care, but often these services are not billed or tracked properly or efficiently. Without a solid foundation of how the program works or how to track and bill within it, the physician will not be able to reach their goals and targets.

Watch our complimentary webinar for family physicians and their billing staff, to learn about the best practices for preventive care billing.

You’ll learn about: 

  • The details around each category (e.g. billing, tracking, exclusion codes, thresholds, etc.).
  • Strategies to deploy within your FHO, FHG, or FHN to improve billing and tracking at year-end.

Who should watch? 
This informative webinar is designed for family physicians operating in a FHO, FHG, or FHN model and their support and billing staff.

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