A Guide to AHCIP Billing Codes for Virtual Care

DoctorCare AHCIP Virtual Billing Codes

Over the past year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way in which physicians provide medical care in Alberta has evolved drastically. The Alberta government introduced new AHCIP virtual billing codes to allow physicians to continue providing care over telephone and video conference and announced codes (without limitations) will remain in the Schedule […]

How to Claim OHIP Billing Codes H409 and H410 for COVID-19 Assessment Centres

OHIP Covid Billing Codes

The MOH announced two new sessional OHIP fee codes for physicians supporting vaccination services at hospitals or public health units (PHU) coordinated by COVID-19 Assessment Centres. As we work with our physicians, we are finding the process can be confusing. To help physicians gain a better understanding of how to bill for their services provided in COVID-19 Assessment Centres, we have prepared some tips on fee codes H409 and H410.  H409 and H410 Sessional Fee OHIP Billing Codes   The H409 and H410 OHIP fee codes provide […]

Manitoba Health Tariffs: When to Bill CDM vs. CCM

MB Health Tariffs CDM CCM

Creating a comprehensive, customized care plan for complex patients involves an immense amount of effort. To ensure physicians are being paid correctly for the treatments they provide, we have put together a summary of the Comprehensive Care Management (CCM) tariffs and Chronic Disease Management (CDM) tariffs and offer some tips on when and how to bill them.

DoctorCare Spotlight: Dr. Kanwarinder Singh Sidhu

DoctorCare Spotlight

In our latest DoctorCare Spotlight, BC-based family physician Dr. Kanwarinder Singh Sidhu shared with us his experience with billing management and how DoctorCare has helped him realize missed revenue.

Updated: Ontario Prenatal Care Codes and Antenatal Forms

doctorcare billing prenatal care

We often find there is some confusion among our physicians with the different types of OHIP billing codes for prenatal care visits. We have updated our quick reference guide to help clarify some of this confusion in order to help you bill more effectively.

MSP Billing Codes Quick Tips: Palliative Care

Palliative care patient with doctor. MSP Billing Codes

Along with the challenges of providing the best care for patients, physicians also have to deal with understanding the complexity of palliative care billing codes. In our latest blog, we simplify the complexity of palliative care codes and provide resources to help physicians bill efficiently and realize as much as $200 per palliative patient from missed billing opportunities. 

DoctorCare Spotlight: Dr. JJ Dubec

DoctorCare Spotlight

Dr. JJ Dubec is a family physician in BC operating a number of clinics. We sat down with Dr. Dubec to talk about the challenges of being a family physician in BC and how DoctorCare has helped his practice.

MSP Billing Codes: A quick guide to prenatal care codes 14090 and 14091

With so many billing codes constantly changing, we know that billing can get confusing. We are finding that many physicians are confused by the complexity of prenatal care codes. Here is a breakdown of the latest updates on the prenatal care codes for MSP billing:  14090 – Prenatal Visit – Complete Examination  For a complete examination of your […]

Updated: OHIP Billing Code Refresher – Palliative Care

Providing important palliative care is good for your patients and can lead to a $5,000 bonus. Palliative care is a service that provides specialized medical care to patients that are experiencing a serious illness. The primary physician in charge of the palliative care patient is required to develop a comprehensive care plan for the last […]