How to Optimize Billings and Maximize Revenue

Do you know if your billings are optimized to their full potential?  The COVID-19 pandemic created all kinds of changes and confusion when it comes to billing for services. While in-office appointments will increase, virtual care will continue to be a key part of doctors’ practice. Now is a great opportunity for doctors and their […]

Updated! On-Demand Webinar: FHO Optimization and Outside Use Management Strategies

Does your pay align with the patient care you deliver? Take full advantage of your Access Bonus and optimize your practice revenue today! Discover the many ways to optimize your revenue in the FHO model, and best practices in managing Outside Use within your practice to maximize the bonus potential available to you. View the […]

New and Upcoming Changes to the MSP Billing Claims

DoctorCare MSP Billing

The Ministry of Health and Health Insurance BC announced changes to the way doctors must submit their MSP billing claims. In this blog post, we share the latest updates to help prepare you for the upcoming changes.  Service Location Codes (SLC)  Effective April 1, 2021, Service Location A for MSP practitioner claims will be replaced with new codes. This will allow the Ministry of Health to collect […]

How to Bill OTN Codes for Ontario Physicians

The Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) has a Virtual Care Program (formerly known as the Telemedicine Program) that provides easy access to health care, reduces travelling time, and provides better support for people living with chronic diseases. The goal of the Virtual Care Program is to help doctors with virtual care so they can focus on […]

How to Claim your BC Business Cost Premium

DoctorCare Business Cost Premiums

The Business Cost Premium (BCP) is a premium available for physicians in British Columbia to claim for Consultation, Visit, Counselling and Complete Examination services. The premium was created to help physicians cover the rising rent, lease or ownership costs of a community-based office. With these services not being provided in physician’s offices due to the […]

Five Ways to Optimize your FHO Group Billing and Management

FHO Group Billing

Being a part of a Family Health Organization (FHO) group offers a lot of great benefits such as guaranteed income, more patient access, and work life balance. But managing a FHO group is not easy. There are many components to consider when managing a FHO group that takes a lot of time and effort. Over […]

Updated! On-Demand Webinar: OHIP Billing Code Basics

Tips for optimizing practice efficiency OHIP billing is complicated and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it frequent changes to billing codes. That’s why we’ve updated our popular on-demand webinar “Billing Code Basics”! View the recorded webinar now > Watch the webinar to learn more about: The various income streams in a FHO, FHG and […]

The Most Common MSP Billing Codes for Mental Health Care

In British Columbia, family physicians provide the majority of mental health care services. With the challenges and difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians are becoming overwhelmed with increasing mental health visits and understanding how to bill them. This post breaks down the most common MSP billing codes to help physicians bill for mental health care visits.  We have broken down the post into four sections:  MSP Billing Codes for Counselling  Mental Health Planning Fee  Mental Health Management Fees  […]

The Most Common OHIP Billing Codes for Mental Health Care

As we face continued challenges and difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians are seeing more patients for mental health consultations than ever before. We have put together a breakdown of the most common OHIP billing codes for mental health care including temporary virtual care codes that you can currently use for mental health consultations as […]

DoctorCare Expands Billing & Backoffice Services with Proposed Majority Stake Acquisition of Doctors Services Group

Doctors Services Group Limited (“DSG“) is a leader in the provision of uninsured services billing programs and a suite of additional tools and services to physicians that transform practice productivity and enhance patient care. DSG is expected to be an immediately accretive acquisition, generating over $450K per year of normalized EBITDA(1) post-closing. DSG complements and expands WELL’s billing […]