5 things to think about when hiring a locum

Here are best practices to keep in mind

If you’re going to be away from your practice for a significant period of time and your FHO colleagues can’t provide coverage, hiring a locum physician can be a good solution. If he or she is registered properly with the Ministry of Health (MOH), they can submit billings on FHO-enrolled patients without incurring outside use fees for you and your FHO group.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Agree on the terms. Get a signed locum/resident physician agreement in place that clearly defines coverage and payment expectations.

2. Give yourself enough time. Submit your “Contracted Physician Add-on Application” to the MOH at least two weeks before the locum’s start date to allow time for processing.

3. Use the right billing number. Use the B Group identifier (B***- OHIP billing number) to submit locum billings, not the 0000-OHIP number typically used for individual billing submissions. This step guarantees that the locum’s billings are accurately flagged, and that Fee-For-Service (FFS) funds are diverted to the group account for the work they do on your behalf.

4. Wait for confirmation of status. Don’t submit billings until the locum has received an official email confirmation from the MOH that they are registered with your FHO.

5. Determine billing details. In the most common scenario, the FHO is set up so that individual physician billings go to their solo accounts, and group funds into the group account. The funds are distributed as follows:

  • Shadow billing: 15% of all In-Basket Billings for enrolled FHO patients go directly into the locum physician’s solo account.
  • Fee-for-Service (FFS): Any FFS billings on enrolled and non-enrolled patients go into the FHO’s group account.

Do you have questions about hiring a locum for your FHO practice? We can help – get in touch for a complimentary practice consultation.

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